Maxime J-M Coles, M.D.

I am happy to answer initial orthopaedic medical questions you might have regarding your medical condition or medical questions in general.  This information does not replace the need for an office visit to thoroughly diagnose your condition and recommend a treatment plan.  I offer this service simply as a starting point in your care plan or an opportunity to educate you about specific orthopaedic medical conditions.

To submit a consult request, please click on the link below and an email will be sent to me.  There is no guaranty of when I will reply. 

If your situation is an emergency, call 911 immediately.

In order to receive a response, you must supply the following information:

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If this Question pertains to your condition, please provide the following information:

1. Age
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5. Any previous medical information / history related to the topic.

Email Dr. Coles at:
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Note: After sending an email, you will receive a reply email asking that you verify you are an actual person and not a spam source.  Simply reply to that email and your email will be accepted.

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